East West Pizza Restaurant


Q&A complete the interior fit out of the flagship Pizza restaurant in Tufnell Park.

East West is an eclectic fusion of Eastern flavours married with the finest Italian pizza.


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Question & Answer

Question & Answer


Q. Why do I need a professional interior designer?
A. A qualified interior designer (BA Hons) will have trained for a minimum of three years full time and a senior creative director will have at least 15 years industry experience on top of that. There is no substitute for this experience especially when your project is such a huge personal investment with many pitfalls. A good interior designer will manage the statutory requirements of any build with a creative edge that can add value to any project or business.
Q. What does it cost to employ an interior designer?
A. We will provide a fixed design fee for our professional services based on our experience of previous similar projects and we do not make any profit from the build. As a guide you can budget for anywhere between 8-12% of the build costs for professional fees.
Q. Do you build or fit out projects yourself?
A. Quiddington & Associates are not a design and build company. We undertake all the design work and act as lead consultants who then oversee the administration of the building contract either by tender or with a chosen contractor. We will introduce you to the best contractors but will be happy to work with your own contractors, as long as we feel they have sufficient experience for the project.
Q. How much will the build cost?
A. Design and construction are notoriously a minefield. The truth is, it is impossible to 
give you an estimate until we have provided design drawings in sufficient detail to enable a Quantity Surveyor to cost. Initially we can provide you with an educated guess based on previous projects as to how much we think you will need to budget for. At this stage this estimate will provide the client with a good idea of project costs and allow us to cost engineer the design relative to the clients budget. Once the costs have been approved the work will go out to tender to a maximum of three contractors. 
Q. How long will my project take?
A. Most start up businesses underestimate the time it takes to design and implement a scheme. The design process is a considered and calculated exercise so expect at least 7 weeks for the design development stage (for a complete fit out). Remember also that other statutory requirements such as planning will take up to 8 weeks although this can overlap to some extent. Obtaining detailed tenders from contractors can take at least three weeks and finally the fit out could be anywhere between 4 -12 weeks depending on the size of the project.
Q. Will I require planning?
A. Not necessarily but you will always be required to submit a building control application to comply with building regulations and also health and safety and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). You may require change of use if you are changing the business class of the building for example from A4 (drinking establishments) to A3 (restaurants and cafes).
Planning will be required if you make any external alterations to your premises or if you are in a conservation area or the building is listed.
Q. Will you undertake projects anywhere in the uk?
A. We will discuss your project with you based on requirement, distance and budget. We have an office in London & Cheltenham but will undertake projects much further afield. See below for typical areas that we have worked in.
If you would like to discuss your project further or you can't find the answer to your questions above then please call us on 01242 323 191 or send us an e-mail. info@qa-interiordesign.co.uk